SimBEAR is an acronym for Simulation Based Education Assessment and Research. SimBEAR provides consultancy and support for the aquisition, curriculum development, introduction and use of simulators for training, assessment and research.

Training simulators are ‘ideal’ trainingtools. In a virtually realistic environment, situations can be trained that are dangerous, rare or expensive. Allowing learners to master the cognitive and motor skills needed in their profession.

A training simulator is not a universal solution for all educational needs. Simulators do not allow all aspects to be trained. Each simulator has its limitations. In realism, or in the type of situations that can be presented to the learner. Being expensive, cost effective deployment is often a challenge.

Training simulators used to be, and sometimes still are, bulky and expensive equipment. Nowadays, training simulators tend to be more lean and mean. Still allowing a high learning outcome but at a reduced cost.

Currently, there is a trend to use training simulators not just for learning, but for assessment and research as well.

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